Martin Risgaard: What it takes to make an intranet strategy work

Martin Risgaard
Martin Risgaard

Martin Risgaard writes about intranet strategy and how having the latest version is not a strategy in his latest blog post “Sprints, leaps and baby steps – What it takes to make an intranet strategy work“. Martin will be talking more about intranet strategy in his presentation at Intranätverk.

…having the most recent piece of software is NOT a strategy. It’s an operational thing. Even if it is labeled as a strategic ambition, it is an incredibly stupid one! Strategies need to be made around what the platform – be that the intranet, record management system or something else – can help your colleagues, the users, achieve.

Come to Intranätverk, listen to his presentation and talk with Martin and everyone else about all things intranet.


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