What features should an intranet WCM have?

Lately (actually the last few years) I have been thinking about what features a new “next generation” Web Content Management (WCM) system should have. What should it be like in order to work well on the intranet, so that we can take the information creation/updating to the next level. A few things that I think would be important:

  • Open source, with a vital community, wide selection of plugins/add-ons and a good ecosystem of system integrators and developers.
  • An excellent editor (or even better – a choice of editors)
  • Themes (so consistent branding can be achieved)
  • Out-of-the box accessibility
  • 100% open standards support
  • HTML5 (esp. important for mobile access)
  • Dublin Core metadata, with custom extensibility
  • Atom built-in (publishing and subscription)
  • PubSubHubbub (for distribution) [added 17th of december]
  • Semantic web support (RDF, RDFa, Microformats) built-in or via plug-ins
  • Easy to integrate with Lucene/Solr search
  • Ability to create instances (new sites) with a different theme and set of plug-ins
  • CMIS for integration with existing file/image repositories (e.g. Alfresco)
  • All changes to an article/post should be logged (for traceability)

I have intentionally not mentioned anything directly (or only) related to system administration. The focus on this is list is on the information lifecycle (creation, updating, deletion), distribution, findability, presentation and traceability.

What features would you like to have? What is missing?

I would really appreciate your feedback, comments and ideas!


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    What features should an intranet WCM have? – Kristian Norling…

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     A good list, but a bit techy for my taste! I’d love to see you do a second list, looking at the capabilities/features that are delivered by an intranet CMS, for authors, site administrators, and most of all … staff. :-)

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