Verkstäder 2013

23 maj

Konferensen följs av en dag med verkstäder (workshops) som kan bokas utöver konferensen. Antalet platser är dock begränsat. Du väljer verkstad för förmiddag och eftermiddag och kommer ha minst fyra verkstäder att välja bland, förutsatt det finns anmälda deltagare till valen nedan.

Om du har förslag på en verkstad eller vill hålla i en, hör av dig till oss!

Preliminära verkstäder

Inga anmälningar än. Anmäl dig till någon av dessa så ordnar vi en verkstad (obs det räcker med  att 1 person anmäler sig!)

  • Att skriva för intranätet
  • Mobilt intranät
  • Introduktion till effektkartläggning – inUse

Bekräftade verkstäder

Workshop: You’re lost without any governance – SharePoint governance with Mark Morell

Many organizations have online platforms – intranets, digital workplaces, mobile workplaces – and use lots of technology like SharePoint, open source CMS, and collaboration tools – but you still don’t have a great user experience. What’s missing? Probably governance. Let me use my experience to help you set the right direction to move in and make sure you build a framework that helps rather than hinders you improving how you manage your online experience.

Optimising your content for findability with Kristian Norling

Workshop will be held in swedish.

As the amount of content continues to increase, new approaches are required to provide good user experiences. Findability has been introduced as a new term among content strategists and information architects and is most easily explained as “a state where all information is findable and an approach to reaching that state.”.

Search technology is readily used to make information findable, but as many have realized technology alone is unfortunately not enough. To achieve findability additional activities across several important dimensions such as business, user, information and organisation are needed.
Search engine optimisation is one aspect of findability and many of the principles from SEO works in a intranet or website search context.
Getting findability to work well for your website or intranet is a difficult task, that needs continous work.
In this tutorial you will take a deep dive into the many aspects of findability, with some good practices on how to improve findability:

  • Enterprise Search Engines vs Web Search
  • User involvement
  • Metadata
  • Search Analytics
  • Optimise content for findability
  • Governance
  • Organisation

Brief Outline

We will start some very brief theory and then use real examples and also talk about what organisations that are most satisfied with their findability do. Participants should have some type intranet/website experience. A basic understanding of HTML, with some previous work with content management will make your tutorial experience even better.