Wedge Black

Having managed intranets for global and regional companies, Wedge has been involved with internal communications since 2004. He champions the ‘people-centred task-focused’ intranet, and has a soft spot for well-laid out pages that help people get things done. Wedge considers the presentation and clarity of content to be key to effective communication. Wedge publishes his thoughts about internal comms and intranet use at Kilobox Communiqué and his work has been featured at Simply-Communicate, at Melcrum, and in the Journal of Internal Communications. You can follow @Wedge for intranet ideas and conversation.

Presentation: Content tactics – executing your strategy on the page

Wedge will talk about how to write great content, and layout intranet pages for a good reading experience. It’s part ‘micro-content strategy’ and part user experience. Wedge will cover:

  • Headlines – helping people choose what to click
  • Images – attracting attention and conveying meaning
  • Links – how to link to other pages, and to files
  • Layout – structuring content for easy reading
  • Content – writing for the audience, not your boss
  • Documents vs pages – the epic battle

Wedge will also touch on engaging audiences and internal communities, channel management (because the intranet is not a single channel) and content for mobile devices.