Tony Byrne

Tony Byrne oversees all of The Real Story Group’s technology streams. In 2001, Tony founded CMS Watch as a vendor-independent analyst firm that evaluates content technologies and publishes research comparing different solutions head-to-head. Over time, CMS Watch evolved into a multi-channel research and advisory organization, spinning off similar product evaluation research in various areas of Enterprise Content Management. As a result of this natural evolution, in 2010, CMS Watch became The Real Story Group. Tony is the original author of The Real Story Group’s Web Content Management research, a former journalist, and a 20-year technology industry veteran. Prior to 2001, he managed an engineering team at a systems integration firm. He now focuses his own research on Enterprise Community and Collaboration software, SharePoint, and Web Content Management. During the last decade, Tony has advised clients such as the US Dept. of the Treasury, the American Association of Retired Persons, MBC Television of Dubai, The Canadian Cancer Society, and The Seattle Children’s Hospital.

More about Tony

Presentation: SharePoint 2013: What’s Good, What’s Bad

Based on Real Story Group customer research, this session will outline the key pros and cons of 2013, both for those considering upgrading, as well as those thinking of transitioning part or all of their intranet to SharePoint from another platform.

Workshop: Selecting the Right Digital Workplace Technology

Developing an effective digital workplace requires an almost mysterious mix of vision, practice, and technology. Consultants and practitioners alike quite properly point out the fallacy of focusing too much on the technology part. Yet, effective technology deployments seem essential to digital workplace success. One challenge, of course, is that there is no such thing as a “digital workplace tools” marketplace. Depending on the environment, a digital workplace span multiple different types of technologies, comprising many diverse (if often overlapping) market segments. So today, digital workplace leaders need to follow more technology developments than ever. Based on Real Story Group customer research, this workshop will provide a broad tour of key digital workplace technologies (e.g., portals, search, collaboration/social, video, cloud file-sharing, mobile…) and help you sort out where to focus your investments based on your specific business goals. Tony Byrne will examine the key marketplaces, including pros and cons of the major vendors in each. More importantly, he will provide a methodology for aligning user focus and effort to business value, as well as instructions on how to run an empirical, agile process for selecting any new solutions.