Sara Redin

Senior Facilitator and Consultant, J.Boye

Sara is an experienced digital project manager and network facilitator that makes her a unique conveyor of not only her own project experiences, but also those of countless other digital project managers. She has recently been working on several large scale intranet redesign and strategy projects, where benchmarks and best practice from J. Boyes international network helps in making better project decisions. With her long experience from bringing digital projects together in international organisations, Sara thrives on political, strategic and tactical projects that involves many stakeholders with different backgrounds.

Presentation: There is always Governance somewhere, but has it reached your intranet?

In her talk she uses practical examples to illustrate how culture, strategy and governance are pivotal factors in large intranet projects. You will get answers to some of the universal intranet questions as:

  • Why front page real estate is such a tricky thing to discuss
  • Why managers seem to not care whether the content is good or bad
  • Why search on intranets always seem to stink way too much
  • How come bringing the business and the systems owners closer together on the intranet is a cumbersome journey

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