Perttu Tolvanen

Perttu Tolvanen is an intranet concept design and content management system expert. Perttu consults with clients on project planning and defining requirements, and supports customers in selecting content management systems and implementation partners. Perttu has worked with intranet systems over 10 years and has helped over 60 clients in intranet projects during his career. He has a background as a project manager on client side and also on vendor side. He is also an active blogger.

Presentation: Intranet systems beyond SharePoint – overview to best alternatives

Due to different reasons, many organisations look for alternatives to SharePoint as intranet platform. This presentation will cover the most typical intranet scenarios and most typical competing systems for them. The presentation will analyze the market from the perspective of Scandinavia and will cover systems like Liferay, Confluence, EPiServer, Alfresco, etc. Key questions:

  • What are the most common WCMS and portal systems that are challenging SharePoint in the areas where SharePoint is weak?
  • In what kind of situations you should question SharePoint as being the default choice for intranet? How to make that argument and also offer strong alternatives?
  • What are the key differentiators between systems? Eg. language management, document management, search capabilities.
  • Where is the WCMS market going? Can we expect more competitors to SharePoint in the future?

About North Patrol

North Patrol is an independent consulting company without ties to system vendors. We help our clients to choose the best vendors and the implementation plan for their web projects. Our services save our clients from headaches in the long run. Our clients are large Scandinavian private companies. Our team of four is based in Helsinki, Finland.

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