Octavia Maddox

Octavia is an expert in user experience design, service design, business analysis, and SharePoint solution design. Most recently, Octavia has led the design of AMP’s multi-million dollar collaboration platform. AMP is a NNG 2014 Intranet Design Award Winner! Always ready to have a debate, Octavia is sure to be passionate, loud and creative. She is an old skool designer, and new age business analyst who learnt from her early design days at the tax office that design is so much more than button placement and colour selection. Completing a Master in Technology (Business Systems Design and Management) has provided Octavia with the academic view of complex system design. She has been designing for, creating with, and learning all about the web since 2000. With a niche skillset that merges SharePoint technical architecture with user experience design, she is able to deliver unique and innovative experiences that truly harness opportunities across the all layers of design. Octavia hopes to make the world a better place by helping all people realise their inner designer, one focus shift at a time.

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