Martin Risgaard

Martin has been working professionally with online media since 2001 and over the course of this decade he has worked with all aspects of what it takes to maintain a professional online presence both on the internal side (intranets) and on the external side (www & social media). Through which Martin gained an extensive knowledge about how you use online media to support your business goals.

Presentation: Baby Steps & Giant Leaps – An Intranet Strategy that Works

Over and over again you hear about big intranet projects – either as entire redesigns or as migration projects moving an entire intranet to this year’s version of SharePoint et. al. Some projects succeed – but for every success story there are plenty of spectacular failures.

At Grundfos the intranet has just celebrated its 10th anniversary. The interesting part about that is not the fact that it has ‘served’ under 4 Danish prime ministers but that the intranet has changed very little from the day it was introduced. All changes have been introduced gradually and only after careful consideration about the usefulness for the employees. This incremental approach has been very successful and today the intranet remains well used, well thought of and well known among the employees.

So how do you get the balance right; i.e. keep up with technological advances outside the firewall without the distraction of big-bang migrations or re-designs?

Martin will share the story about the Grundfos intranet and how this approach has been very successful. The time has now come for a giant leap which should be useful learnings for any large organization struggling to achieve a balanced intranet strategy.

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