Mark Morrell

Intranet Pioneer

As an intranet pioneer, Mark combines his experience of managing intranets and strategic thinking to help organisations improve the value of their intranets and digital workplaces. From 1996, Mark has managed intranets, creating strategies that support the business, and worked closely with IT partners and senior managers to develop governance frameworks for steering groups, standards, and intranet roles. He has trained people to publish and understand why standards need to be followed. Mark has led teams managing and implementing major technology and change projects.

Presentation: The 7 principles for good intranet governance

The alternative to governance can be chaotic anarchy.  Posing risks to security and intellectual productivity provides an awful experience for those who still use your intranet.  Where governance can start to get confusing and difficult is in how it is applied.  I will show you how applying these governance principles can be easy and have a good outcome:

  1. Know your organisation
  2. Define the scope
  3. Put people first
  4. Use all resources
  5. Compare and benchmark
  6. Do what you say you will do
  7. Keep it legal

Workshop: 4 intranet publishing models for good governance

You need to remember how you will manage all your intranet content and applications; how your governance framework needs to operate; and how you will be to improve your publishing and user experiences.  Finding the right balance between your, your intranet, and your organisation’s needs with the right type of governance framework and publishing model is critical.  It is critical to find the publishing model that provides the right conditions for a consistently good intranet experience.  I will use four examples of intranet publishing models to help you to choose what is right for your organisation:

  1. Centrailised
  2. Decentralised
  3. Outsourced
  4. Hybrid

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