Juha Pihlaja

Juha is a member of Ambientia‘s rock star concept designer team, that works with designing business-driven, user-centered web services, such as social intranets and e-commerce solutions. Juha (also known as the Wiki-Jesus) has been the leading Finnish consultant for Atlassian Confluence based intranets for several years, during which he has designed and created well-received intranet solutions for customers ranging from governmental organizations to public corporations, from dozens to thousands of users.

Presentation: Social Intranet done right

– How to design a digital workplace for employees either working at the office or behind the wheel of a bulldozer  A social intranet is not just a news channel or document storage – it’s a whole digital workplace and a new channel for all communication that occurs among employees. This talk will guide you through the process of designing a social intranet – not just to support information work – but also to help bring the non-computer based employees to the online community and make sure the intranet also supports all of their communication and information needs. Good design also makes the implementation and deployment of the new intranet a whole lot easier, as you will learn from this talk.

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