Jonathan Phillips

Jonathan Phillips is an award-winning digital communication and collaboration expert. Jonathan is Senior Manager of Digital Communications at Coca-Cola Enterprises, where he is responsible for digital communications across European and US territories. With over 15 years experience of intranet, internet, social media, social enterprise and other digital communication technologies, he is a regular keynote speaker, contributor to the digital community and a recognised global expert on intranet technologies. He is the co-founder of Intranetizen, a world-leading intranet resource. He is based in Bristol and London.

Jonathan is the Chair and non-executive director of two Bristol charities, and a communication advisor to UK Government and the University of Bristol.

Presentation: iConnect 2015 – Coca-Cola Enterprises’ new, responsive, social intranet

  • From research to delivery – a journey through the new Coca-Cola Enterprises’ intranet
  • Designing for the mobile worker
  • Cross-functional governance; cross-functional site

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