Fredrik Wackå

Fredrik’s main interest is to provide management information for successful intranets with focus on facts, not opinions. His work is mainly aimed at the early stages of intranet development. He has helped a large amount of organizations with analyzing needs, performing user tests as well as measuring efficiency. Besides being a consultant, Fredrik is also a writer and has a special interest for creating good and useful content.

Presentation: Intranet in a box: 60,000 people help design your intranet

60,000 employees in 55 organisations worldwide have voted in Customer Carewords Top Task polls. Brian and Fredrik discuss the results of an expert analysis of the votes and how the results can be used to design, manage and improve the quality of your intranet. Some of the challenging messages from the analysis:

  • You are not unique. Your intranet should share its basic framework with other organizations.
  • Big consultations with stakeholders waste valuable time and effort
  • The really important tasks are harder to find but the rewards are great

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