Brian Lamb

Started working life training people in the health service (NHS). Got interested in technology, did an MSc, did various technology consulting jobs (Cap Gemini, Vision Consulting). Went solo in 2003. Working on big websites, mostly with Gerry McGovern, mostly Intranets (my passion) but a good mix of big US corporates, Euro multinationals and public sector in UK and US. What I really like doing is Solving the breakdowns between technology and what people actually need to do. Climbing mountains, coaching rugby, hanging out with my family.

Presentation: Intranet in a box – 60,000 people help design your intranet

60,000 employees in 55 organisations worldwide have voted in Customer Carewords Top Task polls. Brian and Fredrik discuss the results of an expert analysis of the votes and how the results can be used to design, manage and improve the quality of your intranet. Some of the challenging messages from the analysis:

  • You are not unique. Your intranet should share its basic framework with other organizations.
  • Big consultations with stakeholders waste valuable time and effort
  • The really important tasks are harder to find but the rewards are great