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Let me start with a provocative question: is intranet an outdated term? Should we more talk about how to change the company culture and work throughout the whole organization as a network? In May 2014 I took part in the Intranätverk seminar in Göteborg. Here are my notes of the event. Elephant First of all, there is the famous elephant. The elephant represents the ways of working that many of us are already too used to. According to some studies we use 23 hours a week for emails, internal collaboration and searching for information. While doing that we are interrupted every 25 minutes. On the top of that 68 % of employees feel they need to use valuable time waiting for information they urgently need. No wonder many of us get frustrated. Yet still some companies and executives deny the existence of an elephant – even though it would be standing right in the front of their eyes. What to do then? With the right tools we can see that the elephant is already shaking. explosion Okay then, we just ban the use of paper! Maybe not so, but definitely getting the elephant shaking is easier than you might think. Social intranet and collaboration tools are not any more that much about technology or really heavy IT projects. Of course technology is needed – our solution is to combine SharePoint and Yammer in an effective ready-made package – but the biggest question is how to drive the change, effective work days and good feelings inside the organization. people Supported by a social intranet and collaboration tools, we will get the chance to guide people to the right direction. Intranet becomes not only a tool for sharing documents, but a real change-maker in the company culture and ways of working. Our Valo* intranet product is built on that ideology – with ready-made components the time in the project can be used wisely, mostly thinking about how to really get the intranet and social tools used in the company. pie-chart In the end it’s all about business. How can you calculate the value of happy employees, flowing information or new innovations? Or vice versa, what is the cost of not having happy employees or new business ideas? As the former CEO of Hewlett Packard, Lew Platt, has stated: “If HP knew what HP knows, we’d be three times more productive.” hp Isn’t that something to think of? And finally, do we speak about intranets there or is it something else? With these thoughts and questions in mind, I would be happy to continue discussion on how to get the elephant moving if not disappearing. Do you want to know more about our work or ideology at Blue Meteorite? Please contact me! Peyman Javadi peyman.javadi@bluemeteorite.com tel. +46 (0)707 938 246 Blue Meteorite** www.bluemeteorite.com * Valo is a ready-made solution for a social SharePoint intranet. Technically Valo can be up and running in five minutes. However, the benefits of an intranet are inherited when we take your company’s elephant as the basis of the new intranet. That’s why a Valo intranet is planned and implemented customer by customer. That means we define functionalities, layout, structure, content, integrations and infrastructure together. In small companies intranet design and setup takes maybe days or weeks, but in big enterprises we do speak of months. ** Blue Meteorite is a Finnish company that wants to say goodbye to old-fashioned ways to work and collaborate. We are especially experienced in internal collaboration and intranets, and have been for example praised as the “best intranet in Finland” winner in 2013. Now we are expanding in the Nordic market together with our partner Fujitsu.


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