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Web Strategy for Everyone focuses on the necessary skills of developing and taking care of websites. What you need to know to work strategically with your website. The introduction reflects the Web’s history and how it connects to the Web we see today. Followed by what ought to be common knowledge on information architecture, such as tagging, metadata, digital asset management, URL strategy and the like.

Obviously, web design strategies are discussed at length, including responsive web design, and how to design to be persuasive. Next to last topic on how to optimize the performance of a website and last but certainly not least, the do-it-yourself section where you can test a variety of quality factors of your site based on usability, web performance optimization, search engine optimization, and more.

About the author

Marcus Österberg has worked in all kinds of roles with web as the prefix; web designer, web application developer, web editor-in-chief, web analyst, and web strategist, to name the most memorable. He has worked as a consultant, entrepreneur, teacher, and at times, been the client in both the private and public sectors. The Web has powered every phase of his career and he think it’s integral to many roles.

His colleagues and managers have often joked(?) that he should write a gospel about the Web to record his ideas and guidance. This book is that gospel.


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