Managing Expectations – Building Client-Consultant Partnerships

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– Building Client-Consultant Partnerships

About Managing Expectations

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There’s no doubt about it. Regardless of what challenge you are up to, you have greater chances to succeed if you bring in external knowledge, expertise and fresh pair of eyes. Often this expertise comes in the form of consultants.

In knowledge work and information management projects, hiring a consultant can be vital to achieve business objectives. Therefore it is important to establish the best possible working relationships with the best possible consultants. They might seem expensive at first, but if you consider the hundreds or thousands of hours they can save by helping you avoid doing the wrong thing or doing things in the wrong way, the investment in choosing and working with the best consultants will pay itself off many times over.

When an organisation hires a consultant, what can be expected of the consultant and what does the consultant expect from the organisation? This book will help you to close the gap between the two expectations. Based on his extensive consulting experience within information management projects, Martin White explains; How to define requirements. How to assess proposals. How to write a contract. What to expect in form of deliverables and reports. How consultants work with discovery. Managing risks. And last but not least, critical success and failure factors.

As most managers have only limited experience of working with consultants and yet consultants have a great deal of experience working with managers, this is a book that managers should read before hiring consultants!

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