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The intranet book is an anthology about modern intranets and covers many different aspects of intranets, on an introductory, overview level. Every chapter in the intranet book handles a single topic that is relevant for intranets. The intranet book is published as an ebook.

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– handbook for intranet managers

The Intranet Book is an anthology on modern intranets written by some of the world’s leading experts. It covers many aspects of intranets, from introductory topics to detailed practical advice. Every chapter in the intranet book handles a single topic relevant for intranets.

Intranets are usually hidden away which makes it hard to learn from others’ successes and failures. An intranet can deliver great value and be useful for everyone working within an organization. We think it is important to share lessons learned and exchange knowledge that can further development of great intranets. This book is our contribution to the understanding and sharing of knowledge of intranets.

We have gathered many of the foremost authorities on intranets to share their knowledge and experience on how to create great intranets and how to keep on improving them. The purpose is to give you, the reader, a guide on how to create a modern and useful intranet – through continuous improvement and governance. By reading this book you will get practical advice, inspiration and recommendations for further reading.

We think you can read this book from first to last page, but you can read every single chapter separately. The book is for intranet managers, or those wanting to understand intranets. It is also a good read for managers, communicators, business developers, students, developers, system architects etc. – simply for everyone who wants to learn about intranets!

More about the Intranet Book

The Intranet Book is a non-profit effort by a community of intranet experts. We are releasing intranet book as an early-access-version at a reduced price. If you buy the book now you will get upgrades for free as they are released.

If you buy the Intranet Book now you will help funding a re-designed release of the current illustrations with a CC BY license.

The Intranet Book is published as an ebook in epub and pdf (you get both formats) with no DRM..

Written by 18 intranet experts, the intranet book contains over 62 000 words, 350 pages, 70+ illustrations and images in 15 chapters.

Forthcoming chapter in late stages of editing, ETA October 2018.

  • Sensemaking and organising principles by Fredric Landqvist

Table of contents

Chapter number Chapter Author
1 History of Intranets Martin White
2 Governance Mark Morrell
3 Stakeholder management Sara Redin
4 Impact-driven design for your intranet Ingrid Domingues
5 Facts and data intranets Fredrik Wackå & Brian Lamb
6 How to manage an intranet project Stephan Schillerwein
7 User experience (UX) design in the intranet development Maciej Płonka
8 Maximising intranet engagement Kevin Cody & Dan Jones
9 Engage your intranet users Nils-Erik Gustafsson
10 Collaboration and the intranet Oscar Berg
11 Content strategy and the intranet Joep van LoonChristiaan Lustig
12 Content migration David Hobbs
13 Personalisation and targeting with intranets Sam Marshall
14 Get started with intranet analytics Marcus Österberg
15 Intranet search Kristian Norling

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