Intranätverk Conferences

About the intranet conferences

Intranätverk intranet conferences focus on active participation. We want to offer all participants a unique and exciting experience. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Intranätverk chooses another path than similar conferences. At Intranätverk, you don’t have to listen to hour-long presentations, which make you loose interest midway. Instead, we ask our speakers to keep the presentations short (maximum 20 minutes) and focus on the most important issues. In addition, Intranätverk is one of few conferences that strives to have an even distribution between male and female speakers – all with great knowledge in their respective fields.

Email if you are interested in presenting! Want to know more about how to do an Intranätverk presentation? Read the speaker information.
To make the conferences even more interesting, Intranätverk invites speakers from several different countries all over the world. We are very proud to be able to offer an international perspective, which contributes to new insights and knowledge. It’s also very important for us that everyone participates under the same terms. At Intranätverk, you don’t have to focus on various kinds of showcases and exhibitions. We want the initiative to be solely on our participants and prioritize networking and discussions.
The conversation topics of the intranet conferences can, of course, be discussed more in depth in the evening when dinner/snacks and social activities are on the agenda. And last but not least, at Intranätverk we publish a lot of documentation after the conferences.