Ladda ner konferensböcker från Intranätverk

Intranätverk conference book

In search for some interesting reading about intranets? You’ve found the right place! Our brand new conference book is now available for download, completely free of charge. Download the Intranätverk conference book. The conference book is a summary of the international day at Intranätverk 2014 in Gothenburg. In this digital book, you are able to read about all of the speakers and their presentations. We also provide you with the opportunity to watch videos of the presentations, listen to interviews with both speakers and participant, and look at pictures from the conference. The authors of the book are Tobias Skarhall, content manager at IntraTeam/Intranätverk and Kristian Norling, founder of Intranätverk and partner at IntraTeam. All pictures are taken by photographer Peter Lindberg, and the sketchnotes are made by Francis Rowland. This is the second conference book from Intranätverk 2014 in Gothenburg. The first one, covering the Swedish day, was published in June (free download). At the moment, we’ve also started putting together the conference book from Intranätverk 2014 in Malmö. In a few weeks, you will be able to watch videos and pictures from the conference, and we estimate that the book will be finished in the beginning of November.


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