Intranätverk 2014, conference day 2

Intranätverk 2014 – day 2

Intranätverk went international. Today all the presentations were held in English and we got to learn a lot about several different topics – everything from governance to content tactics.

The second day of Intranätverk started off in the same spirit as yesterday with a high level of enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Despite having some trouble with the video presentation by Octavia Maddox, everything worked out as planned and the participants seemed happy with their experiences.

Visiting from Norway was Jostein Magnussen from Netlife Research, who held a presentation yesterday. He was very happy with the conference overall.

– I’ve seen a lot of different intranets and got a better insight in how people work with intranets, which I find really interesting and useful.

Among the participants we also found Kerstin Söderberg, who works with digital collaboration and digital work environments.

– There has been interesting presentations and a lot of good networking. I’m very pleased with how it all turned out.

Just as yesterday, the comments on Twitter were many, and we could read a lot about the presentations as well as other subjects that were brought to our attention during the conference. Here are a few tweets from the day (all of them can be found under the hashtag #intranatverk):

Cristina FILIPE ‏‪@filipecristina: Match the message to the intranet to the audience ‪@Wedge ‪#Intranatverk

Wedge ‏‪@Wedge: I agree with ‪@dutchart – there’s room for fun in the intranet. ‪#intranatverk ‪ 

Fredric Landqvist ‏‪@flandqvist#Intranatverk lack of ‪#governance makes everyday work in ‪#collaboration with ‪#sharepoint a maze ‪

Even though today’s participants didn’t get the chance to learn more about each other at a formal dinner like yesterday, the second day ended in a good manner with a lot of networking and smiling faces.

– There was a good variety of people here and some very interesting problems were brought to our attention. I think this is a really interesting time for people trying to expand their intranets, functionally but also to get them under control from a content perspective, says speaker Tony Byrne, founder of The Real Story Group.

Tomorrow, there will be a workshop with the likes of Martin White, Wedge Black and Tony Byrne. If you haven’t signed up for it yet, please contact Kristian as soon as possible. There are still a couple of slots to fill!

Did you miss any of the presentations and would like to catch up? Read Fredrik Wackås great summary. Please note that it’s in Swedish.


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