How do we know that we’re developing the right things, the right way?

I’ll briefly outline our approach/methodolody for developing new functionality. This is how we do it:

  1. We use effect management for understanding what the people want in order to make their everyday work easier.
  2. We do interactiondesign and test the design with users.
  3. We build a clickable html-prototype (user: leo, password: leo)
  4. We test the prototype with users
  5. We use lightweight SCRUM as project methodology
  6. We develop, using a Reference Architecture as a model for how to build, and we have a design manual that says what it should look like. Accessibility is evaluated.
  7. We release it as Open Source
  8. We release early (beta)
  9. We get feedback from users (sometimes also testing with users)
  10. We improve, release
  11. We follow up by  measuring effect goal fulfillment
  12. We iterate (back to p. 9)


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