Webinar – What employee apps bring to your digital workplace

  • 17/06/2007 - 02/11/2020
  • 14:30 to 15:30
  • Online via Microsoft Teams

For years frontline workforces have been labelled as “hard to reach”, as getting them any form of business content has been difficult and often had to happen via a cascade of line managers. Anything that did make its way to them would then be lacking context, meaning it could then be viewed with skepticism or possibly simply ignored.

Where there is a need to reach physically mobile workers, making use of their mobile phones is a logical decision. Many M365 applications, intranets, and other comms channels often come with a mobile app option, but just because it’s there, does it mean it’s the best suited solution for all your users?

Dedicated employee apps are a new kind of product and growing rapidly. Many have evolved separately from an intranet heritage, so are more innovative in their approach. In this webinar we’ll look at what sets them apart, but also consider what traditional intranets (and intranet managers) might learn from this new perspective. We’ll also explore what employee apps can do over and above Microsoft tools, such as Yammer and MS Teams.

ClearBox has recently released a new report on Employee Apps, based on hundreds of hours of research. Come and get an insider’s view of the field.

Webinar with Suzie Robinson, ClearBox Consulting Ltd.

2020-11-215:302020-11-215:30Europe/London Webinar – What employee apps bring to your digital workplace Online via Microsoft Teams
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