IntraTeam Event Gothenburg 2020, 13 Oktober

IntraTeam Event Gothenburg
  • oktober 13, 2020
  • 09:00 to 17:00
  • Läppstiftet konferens, Lilla Bommen 1, 411 01 Göteborg

Den 13 oktober kommer vi till Göteborg med en konferensdag, fullspäckad med spännande cases och expertpresentationer om intranät och den digitala arbetsplatsen.

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08:30: Registration and breakfast
09:00: Welcome

Fredrik Wackå is opening the conference with a hello and some practical info.

09:10: State of the intranet and digital workplace nation

By Kurt Kragh Sørensen, IntraTeam

09:40: När ditt intranät är med och räddar liv
Region Skånes intranät ska leverera stöd till 35.000 medarbetare. 75% av dessa är vårdpersonal. Hur ska man tänka då? Vad är det som vårdpersonalen behöver? Vad är det som de INTE behöver lika mycket? Följ med bakom kulisserna och hör om hur intranättemaet arbetar för att bygga ett intranät som hjälper affären.

By Jesper Bylund, Region Skåne

10:05: Fika & networking
10:25: Augmenting DEX through Data Analytics

When thinking about your Digital Employee Experience (DEX) initiatives one of the key components that’s always being either neglected or ignored over the course of the last decade has been data analytics.

Inside each and every organization, day in day out, we produce more data than ever through our various (social) collaborative environments, yet we refuse to collect it, make sense of it, and, eventually, apply it to make better business decisions as a result.

While everyone has been championing different change programs to help influence user behavior and transform how we work over the course of time we haven’t made enough due progress with those newly gained business insights through data analytics. It’s time to level up!

In this session Luis Suarez will demonstrate, in a practical manner with a number of different examples and methods, how critical and influential (social) analytics can well be in helping businesses embrace that gold mine they have been ignoring all along to improve their own digital employee experience: their own data they produce in their digital workplace environment.

Key takeaways:

  • Raise awareness on the purpose of data analytics to influence user behaviour within your digital employee experience initiative
  • Explore some of the most powerful use cases and capabilities data analytics has got to offer
  • Have a better understanding of what data analytics could do within all of your collaborative environments (i.e. email, file sharing, ESNs, etc.)
  • Help evaluate how healthy and mature your digital employee experience may well be
  • Understand ahead of the game different challenges and turn them into business opportunities
  • Learn practical hints & tips, good business practices, in-depth know-how etc. on how to get you started with your own data analytics efforts within your org. Or amplify what you already have!

By Luis Suarez, panagenda

10:50: Intranet as the enabler in the digital workplace

• Intranet powered by Office 365 – our solution and experience
• How we empowering the organization to communicate and collaborate
• Using metrics and KPI:s to support a positive change
• Change management: From launch and beyond

Key takeaways: 

• How to build up a strong business case for Intranet in the digital workplace
• Understand the pros and cons with having an Intranet powered by O365
• Working with change management, from an Intranet/ digital workplace perspective

By Ralf Larsson, Electrolux

11:15: Fika & networking
11:30: Lightning talks by our partners

Our partners will have the stage for either 600 or 300 seconds to present themselves.

Platinum partners

Gold partners

Silver partners

Bronze partners

12:00: Lunch and networking
12:45: Round tables discussion

During this session, you will be able to talk and share knowledge with other attendees, partners, and speakers. Each table has it’s own dedicated topic.

13:15: Artificial Intelligence Ethics

The keynote is based on my recent journey as responsible for the Artificial Intelligence direction and development within a software development organisation.

The main focus areas are: 

  • The AI journey 
  • What is Ethical AI 
  • Where are the dilemmas in business and society

Key takeaways from this session

  • How will AI change our lives  
  • What is Ethical? 
  • What are the real dilemmas with AI 
  • What should we and society really be thinking about 

By George Muir, Udal Cuain AB

13:50: Laughter is the best medicine 

We have come so far with the digital employee experience and through creatve communications we can use what technology we have to push the boundaries even further 

Let Monique inspire you with with how one of Australia’s largest government departments used cheeky cartoons cut through and enable difficult discussions with staff. Through integration with their enterprise social network they were able to spark grassroots change as a part of organisational transformation.   

Key takeaways from this session: 

  • Culture as a key component of the digital employee experience
  • Effective use of humour to engage with staff
  • Ideas on how to push the communication boundaries and streamline staff experience
  • The need for depth and strategy
  • Letting go and giving ownership to staff
  • Lessons learnt 

By Monique Zytnik, a large Australian government department.

14:15: From Digital Workplace to Intelligent Workplace

In an age of digital transformation, where employee experience is the driving force behind every decision, it’s time to think big and amp up the value your Intranet delivers. Employees need – and deserve – an intranet experience that’s personalizedcontextual and intelligent enough to provide actual assistance that makes the work day simpler and easier. Are enterprise chatbots the way to bring new life to your intranet? 

Key takeaways from this session

In this session you’ll find out how a chatbot is the solution you’ve been waiting for, plus learn: 

  • What it takes to build a bot that does more than just provide links
  • How chatbots provide self-service functionality that streamlines HR processes and reduces IT help desk wait times
  • How natural language search can deliver personalized answers to every single question employees ask 

By Gillian McCann, Workgrid Software

14:40: Fika & networking
15:00: How we re-introduced our enterprise social network

During this session we will deep dive into how we moved from Socialcast to Yammer. We transitioned the content, users and groups and had to help people understand how the new enterprise social network works. This has laid a very good foundation resulting that Yammer is being used by our CEO as a strategic engagement tool (group name: ‘In conversation with Frans’).  

Key takeaways from this session: 

 How to leverage a crowdsource activity for change management 

– How you can plan a crowdsource activity 

 Do’s and don’ts for a crowdsource activity 

 How our CEO is using it as a strategic engagement tool 

 Lessons learned of our CEO group 

By Dennis Agusi, Philips

15:50: Conference Round Up
16:00: After-Conference Mingle

Stay around for a beverage after the conference 🙂

17:00: End of conference