Ett steg närmare den digitala arbetsplatsen

Mobile and social concepts and technologies are redefining knowledge work and transforming our digital work environments. Mobile technologies enable us to get our work done regardless if we are at the office or not. Social technologies allow us to collaborate in new and smarter ways, within and across organizations.

If the Intranet is to continue to have a reason for existence, it has to play a part in this transformation. It has to evolve from being a website for information self-service to becoming a platform that connects people, information and tasks across the enterprise.

Så skriver Oscar Berg i sitt senaste inlägg “Getting One Step Closer to The Digital Workplace” på sin blogg “The Content Economy“. Oscar kommer att utveckla detta tema under sin avslutningsanförande på konferensens första dag. Han skriver att det kommer att ta tid att nå den digitala arbetsplatsen samt att vi måste släppa tekniken och fokusera på människorna, bli tjänsteorienterade och tänka servicedesign:

“Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, the vision of the Digital Workplace can’t be realized in a day. You can’t buy it off the shelf. Nor is there a single product or platform that will take you there. The only feasible way to get closer to the vision of the Digital Workplace is to adopt a think big / start small approach and establish a process for continuous service development and improvement of ways of working. To avoid getting stuck in technology-centric thinking, you need to apply people-centric and service-oriented thinking and design principles.”

Jag ser verkligen fram emot att höra Oscar berätta mer om detta och delta i diskussionerna kring den digitala arbetsplatsen med alla deltagare på konferensen. Hoppas vi träffas på Intranätverk i maj?


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