Intranätverk shares knowledge about intranets and the digital workplace. We publish books, arrange conferences and facilitate communities of practice. 

Collaborating in a Social Era

Ideas, insights and models that inspire new ways of thinking about collaboration

Collaborating in a Social Era - coverThere’s a disconnect between who we are as people and how we work together.In the book Oscar Berg tackles the big organizational problems and brings human scale solutions. Learn how the Collaboration Pyramid and the Five Principles of Collaborative Communication can transform your ways of working. Start now. Start with yourself. Bring your team along. You don’t need permission to improve your communication. Lead the transformation.Get the book!

Digital Success or Digital Disaster?

Succeed with the good governance guide; a toolkit for your site, intranet, and digital workplace

frontcover_mark_0504_2Mark Morrell’s book is a practical, experience-based approach to growing and managing a successful intranet. Based on Mark’s many years of experience as the manager of an award winning intranet and his recent work with dozens of organisations, ‘Digital success or digital disaster?’ will help you show how good governance has measurable benefits, justifying future investment in your intranet.Buy the book! 

Intranets, an anthology published in 2017.

The book is an anthology (editors: Kristian Norling and Brian Lamb) about intranets (digital workplace). The book cover many different aspects of intranets, but on an introductory (overview) level. A chapter handles a single topic that is relevant for intranets.The book is over 300+ pages, published as a free ebook.

Intranätverk: Gothenburg conference in numbers

The participants are intranet managers, editors, architects, communication as well as digital managers and IT specialists from the business side. The conference is arranged because we think there is a need to network, listen, learn and share knowledge amongst us intranet professionals. There is also a lack of really good intranet related conferences in Sweden, where you can learn and share experiences.

About Intranätverk

Intranätverk provides networking groups, conferences and forums for knowledge sharing about intranets and the digital workplace. Our networking groups are spread out over the country, and we arrange conferences in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö annually. Intranätverk was founded on the idea that the best way to learn is through dialogue: by asking questions, listening to stories from others, reflecting and then acting. Knowledge is something that we create together by sharing our experiences. The purpose of Intranätverk is to provide better opportunities for knowledge sharing. We help intranet professionals to create networks, share experiences and learn from each other.Interested in presenting? Or need more information? Contact us at info@intranatverk.se Intranätverk is  arranged in Stockholm 2018.