Commenting is easy but being a change agent is hard

I have recently started thinking about the hardships of working inside a large organisation as an change agent. It’s always easy to comment things from the outside looking in. I have found myself guilty of trivialising the obstacles for change at times. Many thought leaders have strong opinions, but they also often benefit from the fact that they are looking at things from the outside.

I think that being both strongheaded and humble is important if you want to be a change agent. Being a change agent inside a large organisation is often frustrating, to succeed you will definitely need endurance. As an example, multi-year plans are the norm for the large projects I have been involved in the last few years. This stands in sharp contrast to the actual hands-on agile project methods we use in the actual development part of the projects. We handle change swiftly at the software development level, but organisational change is much slower. Even though the organisation changes in a slower pace, we have to be prepared on the web infrastructure side of things, when the organisation is ready to implement new ways of working. It means that we have to choose and develop the right, scalable web tech and have it in place way ahead of the actual need. Predicting the future is not easy, but it is an important part of being a change agent.

All the practitioners and do-ers in large organisations that facilitate change and make things happen, you have my deepest respect. You are my everyday heroes.


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    Welcome to the (English) blogosphere! :-)

    I agree with your post and it is difficult for some to appreciate the long timescales for strategic uplifts in technology from which many agile applications and tools can then quickly benefit.

    But that’s what keeps us in a job maybe?

    Keep on posting. See you in Stockholm or Aarhus maybe?


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      Thanks Mark. You’re right, the problem I described is also what keeps us on the payroll.

      Actually I’ll be both in Stockhom and Aarhus, so see you next week!

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